Five Benefits of Dental Management Software

Every medical or dental office has several documents they must maintain, including patient medical files, billing records, dental images, insurance information, and many more. While it can take time to transition an office from paper files to digital ones, there are many benefits for doing so. Here are five benefits your dental practice can take advantage of by using the right management software.

Improves Scheduling

It is easier to organise a schedule digitally than it is on paper, especially as appointments are cancelled by patients or doctors have emergencies come up. When appointments need to be pushed back, the scheduler can notify patients by text or email instead of taking the time to call each patient who is affected. Schedule confirmations can also be sent via text, email, or telephone calls, depending on the patient’s preferences.

Better Account Maintenance

It is easier to keep up with patient accounts with the use of dental practice management software. Filing treatment plans, the type of procedures patients have undergone, and patient billing is simplified, and notes can be added quicker digitally than they can with paper files. In addition, there is less paperwork to keep track of, and information can either be emailed to patients or printed out and put in the post, whichever they prefer.

Easier Adherence to Regulations

Although record maintenance requirements vary between states, most diagnostic and dental images need to be kept on file anywhere from 7 to 10 years. In addition, they must be retrieved immediately when they are requested, and filing them with the use of management software makes this task easier. Retrieving records via management software only takes a few moments, but retrieving older paper files can take a few days.

Secure Storage

All dental records have to kept in a safe location, which can be difficult if the dentist has a small office. Boxes of paper files may have to be kept in a separate, secured, climate-controlled storage facility to ensure the integrity of the paper and ink. Securing electronic files is much easier as they can be backed up on digital drives or secured using cloud storage, which is in another facility away from the office so if there is a fire, flood, or other disaster, the records are safe.

Put Patients at Ease

With management software, you can make dental visits easier on clients by informing them of the procedures they are undergoing. Emails or letters can be sent to patients informing them of what to expect from their next dental appointment and how to prepare for it beforehand. As many people experience anxiety about visiting the dentist, being informed can help put them at ease before their appointments.

Dental management software makes creating and filing paperwork much easier for everyone in the office. The schedules are easier to maintain, and management software makes it easier for a dental practice to adhere to the record maintenance regulations. If your dental practice needs to update its filing system, using management software will help.